Madeleine Stanford wins Earth Day Essay Contest

Madeleine Stanford, a Standard 3 student from Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary School has won the Earth Day Essay Contest organized by the Belize Book Industry Association in April of this year.

Enjoy reading her winning story on “the land of Ado Ville”:

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was little village near the land of Ado Ville, this village was called Lang Among.  The people who lived in Lang Among did not care for their city. They left the trash on the ground and nobody ever picked it up. They also cut down most of their trees and did not replant them. Every plant and animal in Lang Among was unhappy but the person who was very angry was Mother Nature.  So you probably know how dirty the town was.  So Mother Nature decided to do something about it. She decided to turn all the water in Lang Among to plastic bottles and candy wrappers.  So when it rained, instead of water,  it poored plastic bottles, and when the people of Lang Among turned on the water to wash the dishes, all that came out of the faucet was candy wrappers. Finally the people decided that they should clean up their town and see if Mother Nature would stop the curse. It took them 40 days and 40 nights to clean the village. Mother Nature was very pleased with their work and she decided to lift the curse, so the people had water. The clean village made the people and the plants happy.  They liked it so much that they decided never to drop trash on the ground again.

Everyone in the village lived happily for the rest of there lives.


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