Book of the Week – Creative Conflict Resolution (William J. Kreidler)

Creative Conflict Resolution
More than 200 activities for keeping peace in the classroom
By William J. Kreidler

Are you sick of settling arguments among your students? If you teach elementary school this is the book for you. I inherited the class that teachers dread. Constant bickering and temper tantrums inhibited learning for all the students and sent me home frustrated each evening. I was getting desperate when I found Kreidler’s book. I have worked through many of the activities, using them for Social Studies (community), LA (there are many writing activities), Health (social and emotional well-being) Art, and Physical Education. The improvement has been dramatic! Young children love to learn words like de-escalate, negotiate, compromise amd mediate. Once they have the vocabulary and some practise, they know how to settle their differences before fists start to fly. There are some forms in the appendix, the most useful being a fight form. The fight form disects the fight and makes the children involved consider the alternative actions they could have taken. One copy goes home and one remains on file as a record of who fights and why. Very few students care to take a second fight form home. There is also a section for teachers dealing with difficult adults, whether it be administration, other teachers or parents. This book has helped bring peace and harmony to my classroom. I can’t reccomend it highly enough. (From: Amazon Book Reviews)

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