Book of the Week – Talking Peace (Jimmy Carter)

Talking Peace
A Vision for the Next Generation
By Jimmy Carter 

From a global leader and human rights advocate whose commitment to public service has reached from Georgia to the White House to developing countries around the world comes a remarkable discussion of the foremost issue of our time: peace. This book is the first by a former United States president to address younger readers. Part personal narrative and part thoughtful exposition of current history, the vivid text examines the causes and effects of conflict and explains the urgent call for nonviolent conflict resolution in the world today. The author introduces readers to the peacemaking techniques that he developed in the Oval Office and has continued to use at the Carter Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, a nonpartisan public-policy organization that he and his wife, Rosalynn, founded in 1982. Among other projects, the Carter Center has monitored elections in Latin America and Africa, conducted mediation talks between parties in conflict, brought improved cultivation methods to thousands of African farmers, and spearheaded the global attack against several deadly diseases. The fearless idealism and practical approach that have long characterized the public work of the architect of the Camp David Accords shine through the pages here. Readers will discover the implied power and responsibility behind the author’s message that all people – regardless of age, race, gender, and nationality – share common needs, common rights, a common dignity, and a common quest: the pursuit of peace.

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