Book of the Week – The Master Strategist (Ketan J. Patel)

The Master Strategist
Power, Purpose and Principle
By Ketan J. Patel

Since the turn of the century, we have seen hopes of a new era of peace shattered by the attack of 9/11. We have witnessed the US becoming embroiled in a divisive and seemingly unwinnable war in Iraq. We have looked on as new nuclear rivalries have sprung up with Iran and North Korea. We have seen Europe struggle to define its place in the New World Order. And we have observed the balance of world focus towards China and India as they have continued their unprecedented economic rise.

What is the significance of all this? Are there random events or is there an underlying pattern? What is required of leaders and individuals to propel the world in a more positive direction? The Master Strategist provides the means to decipher these changes, offering unique insights into the issues and patterns that are defining the future, and pointing the way to strategies for a freer and more peaceful and prosperous world.

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