Become a Peace Maker in 2012

Will you be Belize’s next

Peace Maker ?

Join the team of Peace Makers at The George Price Centre for Peace and Development’s

Conflict Resolution Programme

What is the Conflict Resolution Programme?
The Conflict Resolution Programme is the Centre’s response to an obvious need in our communities for a coherent conflict management skills programme for young and old, promoting respect for oneself, each other and the environment we live in.

What is a Peace Maker?
A Peace Maker is a volunteer who assists in the Centre’s Conflict Resolution Programme, according to his/her talents and time.

What skills do I need?
The Conflict Resolution Programme has branched out to many areas: education, sport, motivational talks, etc.  At the basis are the principles of Conflict Resolution which everyone is able to learn and apply and for which we can provide a short training.

Why should I be involved?
For the past two years, the Conflict Resolution Programme has relied heavily on the efforts by Cisco Fernandez, the Centre’s Peace Corps Volunteer who has conducted workshops, provided training, lead Summer Peace Camps, written comprehensive manuals and guidelines and organized an Ultimate Programme in Belmopan’s High Schools.  Cisco will be leaving in May 2012 and it is up to us, the people of Belmopan and Belize, to continue these initiatives for our children.  We believe we all have a shared responsibility in the peaceful development of our communities and our country.

What am I committing to?
As a volunteer, you commit to whatever time and expertise you can give.  Be it a weekly sports programme, a quarterly conducting of workshop, a monthly classroom presentation, a once-in-the-year motivational speech…  You set the pace according to your talent and time.

*** If you missed our introductory meetings but are interested in becoming a Peace Maker ***

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