ULTIMATE Conflict Resolution

During our second annual PEACE Camp, students played a game called Ultimate. For many, it was a first. However, their emphatic reception of the sport led us to pursue Ultimate as the next step in bringing conflict resolution skills to Belize.

Ultimate is a fundamentally unique sport in that it is self-officiated. Instead of giving authority to a referee, players make decisions regarding rules, in/out of bounds calls, and fouls themselves. This presents an opportunity for students to experience and build conflict resolution skills in a positive, supervised environment. Furthermore, students must work as a team, communicate effectively, demonstrate integrity, and perform at a high level of physical fitness. For a quick introduction to the game,  check out this clip.

In addition to providing an opportunity for area youth, this can be an opportunity for adults as well! Despite contacting local high schools, we are still looking for interested, responsible adults to assist in facilitating and coaching Ultimate. No experience is necessary. For more information, contact the George Price Centre directly at 822-1054 or via e-mail at info@gpcbelize.com.

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