A Tribute to George Price (By Ernesto L. Thimbrel)


“Wake up and work” and “peaceful constructive Belizean revolution”; words forever etched in our hearts by the father of a grateful nation.  Colonial exploitation, racial discrimination and even devaluation ; all ideologies battled by  George Price with resilience and determination.

Born January fifteenth nineteen hundred and nineteen In Belize City to his father, William, and mother, Irene.  A graduate of St. John’s College at the tender age of sixteen , who would later walk the corridors of power and honored by the Queen.

A champion of Belizean independence and national unity he challenged everyone to love his or her community.  A selfless man who served his country with humility, yet a master orator, who spoke with ingenuity.

Goodbye to our Belizean hero may you forever dwell in our hearts and soul, you were an inspiration to both the young and the old.  You fought for our country and urged us go forward ever and backward never, now you’re there in heaven, but your legacy will live on forever.

You lived your life like a lighthouse in the stormy and raging seas, never fading or giving in to the pressures of opposition. Your memories will live on from Victoria’s Peak to the sparkling cayes.  Your light will to forever shine of your masterpiece, Belmopan

Ernesto L. Thimbrel – September 25, 2011

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