Tribute to George Price

The news of the passing of the Right Honourable George Price caused an outpour of messages of condolence and support  through the Centre’s e-mail system.  We will share some of the messages, poems and stories in this and upcoming Newsletters.  One of the tributes was a song, written and produced by a group of young Belizeans.  In a Press Release, they shared the following:

We encourage the youths of today to “realize his dream,” meaning put what he has said-what he wants for this country-into action. Be different and stand up for what you believe. As Mr. Price said, “Stand up and be counted!”  So now to all my proud Belizeans, be the change for he gave us a reason and leave your country a better place than you found it!”

The full Press Release, lyrics and recording of the song “Thank You” can be downloaded here:

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