Book of the Week – Freedom Next Time (John Pilger)

Freedom Next Time
By John Pilger

In Freedom Next Time, renowned journalist and film-maker John Pilger describes how courageous people battling to free themselves often glimpse freedom, only to see it taken away. He challenges us in the West to ‘look in the mirror’ at the actions of ‘our’ governments for the true source of much of the world’s fear and insecurity – and terrorism. In our name, often duplicitously, they operate a secret agenda, as in Diego Garcia, a paradise island in the Indian Ocean whose entire population was expelled clandestinely and brutally by the British government to make way for a huge American military base. In Palestine, India, South Africa, Afghanistan, Britain and the United States, John Pilger’s vivid eyewitness reporting and tenacious interviews, backed by meticulous research, blow away the secrets and lies of our rulers and turn a searchlight on to events consigned to the shadows by an unrecognized yet virulent censorship. With humanity, wit and passion, he salutes people who refuse to be victims and defiantly demand their freedom. They could soon be us.

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