Presentation: The Milpa Cycle and the Forest Garden

The Milpa Cylce and the Forest Garden – Lessons in Prosperity and Conservation


Thursday, May 26 at 6.00 p.m.

The Maya forest, once home to the ancient Maya civilization, provides a source to explore solutions past. Adapting to the changing conditions and managing with designs is a crucial requirement to meet both short-term and long-term development objectives in the past as for the future.

Research on the ancient Maya landscape reveals a new interpretation: The ancient Maya creativity resulting the the Maya forest garden. This was accomplished by intensifying an essentially skill based strategy of the Milpa Cycle, clearing and planting a maize field that managed with some 30 domesticated crops and more than a hundred volunteers that build towards a food forest.

The innovations of the El Pilar Program with its integrative and interdisciplinary vision for the role of the Institute of Archaeology’s El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna for the Maya forest has taken the lessons learned and begun to apply it in the area.working with traditional Maya forest gardeners, we have learned together the inherent value of the time honored skills. The aim is to incorporate the forest garden practice as a landscape model for the ancient monuments of El Pilar.


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