Update Conflict Resolution Programme

Congratulations to the management and teachers of the Roaring Creek Nazarene School for being the first school to complete our Conflict Management Workshop Series, providing a guide to teachers in teaching conflict management skills to their students.   In addition to a 1000-page document of lesson plans, teachers that completed the full training are now eligible to receive a certificate for 12 hours of professional development credit from the Ministry of Education.  Other schools currently undergoing the training are Kuxlin Ha Primary School, Saint Martin Government School and Garden City Primary School, all from Belmopan. Schools interested in this programme may contact us at 822-1054 and ask for Cisco.

Upcoming dates:

  • March 28: Conflict Management Workshop at Double Head Cabbage.
  • April 2: Conflict Resolution Sessions for youth attending YC Belize.
  • April 2: Conflict Management in the Classroom – first of a two-day workshop for teachers, identical to the one mentioned above.  The follow-up day will be May 7.  All teachers interested in joining, please call Cisco at 822-1054.
  • April 7: Conflict Management Working Group Session on 2 topics: (1) Positive Discipline and (2) Effective Meeting.  Session will be from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.  Anyone can join. Please call Elsie at 822-1054


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