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Proper research can be a powerful tool for social advocacy.  With this in mind, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development is planning the establishment of  research programme with the goal to cultivate scientific and critical thinking in students at secondary and tertiary level.

The Centre’s Research Programme aims to:

  1. Develop training manual on conducting research in Belize;
  2. Conduct training sessions for University, 6th Form and High School students;
  3. Start up a research programme to monitor the political and social environment of Belize as well as the Central American and Caribbean Regions with the aim to produce regular analytical reports on these trends and developments and to find local applications to regional and global issues.

If you are interested in helping to develop this Research Programme, please contact us at 822-1054 or e-mail at

UB Students assist in organizing the George Price Archival Collection

In 2007, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development established a reading programme for primary school children, with the help of the J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust of the USA and several spouses of US Embassy personnel.

The goal of the reading programme is three-fold:

  1. To improve the English reading-skills of primary school children, thus assisting in improving their overall performance at school.
  2. To offer a valuable after-school activity for the children.
  3. To inspire an interest in reading as an educational and fun activity.

The programme was initially offered in the summer of 2007, but building on its successful start, the Centre continued to offer the programme throughout the year.  With the kind assistance of the Seniors at the Belize Christian Academy, as much as 30 children come in every Wednesday to improve their reading skills and have fun while doing it!

The Centre also continues its Summer Reading Programmes in July and August; these programmes are lead by an army of volunteers!

For more information on the Centre’s Reading Programme, e-mail us at

“If we are to teach real peace in this world,
And if we are to carry a real war against war,
We shall have to begin with the children”
– Mahatma Gandhi –

Through a series of discussions with school principals, youth workers and parents, alongside continued observation of children’s behaviour and backed-up by results of studies done on the subject, we responded to the need for a coherent conflict management skills programme, to be piloted in Belmopan.

With the assistance from Dr. Jennifer Morrow we developed a ‘Conflict Resolution Programme’ for children ages 6 to 16 AND for their teachers.  The teachers’ workshops includes topics of Cooperative Learning, Above and Below the Line (respect and positive enforcement) and Mediation.  The kids’ sessions introduce social skills as well as the Above and Below the Line principles

Throughout the school year 2009/2010 we welcomed 190 teachers to our Conflict Resolution  workshop; they in turn have taken the programme to their 3,250 students.  We also went directly to the classrooms and worked with over 1,400 kids.  In addition, we also completed training to the UB Primary Ed faculty (25 students/teachers) and the homework help programme of the Belmopan Volleyball Association.

While this programme was successfully launched in Belmopan, we now have set new and exciting goals for the future which we aim to reach with the help of our Peace Corps Volunteer, Cisco Fernandez:

  1. To strengthen the Belmopan programme through mentorship, follow-up workshops and children’s teaching sessions.
  2. To seek out partnerships with like-minded organizations throughout Belize who will introduce and teach the programme in their cities, towns and areas.
  3. To organize annual Summer Peace Camps – 14-day sessions that will serve as a foundation for useful, practical conflict resolution skills which kids can apply to their everyday lives. We are starting this summer with two camps. The idea is for the participants to become a focal point for their schools and to be a link between students, teachers and the Centre in the continued development of the Conflict Resolution programme.
  4. To identify a team of teachers to be focal point in their schools to also become trainers and to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the programme.
  5. To develop an annual programme called “Peace in Belize” whereby we host a group of children from a remote area of Belize to discover their capital and the George Price Centre for Peace and Development. At the Centre, they will be given a fun Conflict Resolution session, jointly with a group of children from Belmopan. This way, they will learn together about how to contribute to “Peace in Belize” and will foster new friendships across the districts.

For more information on the Conflict Resolution Programme, contact us at

In order to expand its programmes in a financial sustainable manner, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development launched its Endowment Fund in 2005. The management of the fund is delegated to an independent Board of Trustees. Your support to the Endowment Fund will provide a permanent source of income that will safeguard and nurture the Centre’s growth and create wonderful opportunities that will positively affect the people of Belize… forever!

Call for a detailed brochure at 822-1054 or e-mail us at

The George Price Centre for Peace and Development was established in honour of the Right Honourable George Price and his lifelong devotion to the peaceful construction and development of Belize and its people.  The aim of the Centre is to inspire more Belizeans, regardless of race, colour or political persuasion to carry on this endeavour.   We aspire to be a venue where people can share and improve individual abilities and community spirit through study, dialogue, debate, expression of the arts, among other.  It is the vision of the Centre that these processes of self-development will empower more people to work together for the growth and advancement of Belize, free from civil strife and disparities.

Upon the invitation of the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and through the kind recommendation of the US Embassy in Belize, the Centre’s coordinator was invited to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program on the subject of “Engaging At-Risk Youth in the U.S.”

The programme intended for us to examine youth crime prevention programmes; explore preventative youth-delinquency programmes; observe support services for gang-involved youth and look at re-entry programmes for gang members released from jail.

Thanks to the US Department of State, the US Embassy in Belize, the Centre’s Executive Board and all who assisted in making this visit possible.

A brief Visit Report on the meetings, visits and programmes witnessed is available at the Centre. Please call at 822-1054 or e-mail at

***Every Wednesday (4.00-5.00 p.m.)
Reading Programme with volunteers of the Belize Christian Academy
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March 16 (10:00 am)
Japan Day (Embassy of Japan/Japan Association/JICA)

March 17 (5.00 p.m.)
Senior Steps Variety Show

March 22 (6:00 pm)
Generation Mix

March 23 (4:00 pm)
Children of Hope Foundation – Tea Party

Ongoing Exhibitions
“George Price – Reflections of a Hero”

A Photo Exhibition by Richard Holder
Screening of Documentary: “George Price: Man of Purpose and Vision”

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Do you know of a great opportunity for scholarship, national or international contest, invitations for project proposals or other news in the fields of social development, culture or education?  Share it with us by sending the information to info@gpcbelize.comand we will feature it here:

  • The International Center for Nonviolent Conflict has developed a universal e-classroom on teaching civil resistance with 34 individual sessions that include a number of relevant electronic and video/audio resources.  The access to the ICNC universal e-classroom is restricted; to register and open an account in order to use the resource click here and use the enrollement code “ICNCuniversalEclass”.  To log into the e-classroom go to
  • The international “China’s Politics and Economy” MA program of the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) is pleased to announce that applications for “Chinese Government Special Scholarship-Postgraduate Program,” which provide a tuition waiver, stipend, and other benefits for full -time graduate (MA, Ph.D.) study at SJTU are now open (deadline: March 15, 2013).  For information about the Program as well as to submit an application, please visit
  •  The Conflict Resolution Programme at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development is looking for more volunteers who are willing to invest some of their time and knowledge in the peaceful building of our communities and our Nation.  If you want to take an opportunity to be part of the solution, contact us at 822-1054 or

To include an opportunity, e-mail us at or give us a call at 822-1054.

*** Knowledge is Power. Sharing it is Powerful. ***

Popol Wuh
Ancient Stories of the Quiche Indians of Guatemala
by Albertina Saravia E.

This is the English edition of Miss Saravia’s Spanish version, regarded all over the world as one of the most important works in the literature of the Americas, because it contains fragments of cosmogony, religion, mythology as well as the traditions relating to the migrations and the history of the pre-Columbian world.

This book is a personal pick of Elsia Caal, a 4-H student who currently is on work experience at the Centre!

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