Meet the Board

Mick Craig
Acting Chairman of the Board

Born on January 15, 1946 (sharing his birthday with Mr. Price who was born that very same day… in 1919) Mick Craig is the 3rd nephew of Mr. Price.  He graduated as an engineer from Marquette University (USA) in 1970 and started his career at the Ministry of Works of Belize.  He thereafter joined the Caribbean Development Bank, Belize Audubon Society, Help for Progress and is now managing The Book Centre.  Mr. Craig joined the Board from its inception in 2004 when he was asked to serve by Mr. Price.  In his words, “he felt honoured to be nominated to serve in the Board and is committed to continue his uncle’s struggle to bring peace and development to the country”.


Orton Clarke
Treasurer of the Board

America Waight
Member of the Board

Information to follow soon


Margaret Ventura
Member of the Board

Margaret Ventura joined the Public Service in 1978.  As a career Public Officer, she devoted a significant amount of years to the Belize Archives Department where she developed a passion for preservation of historical documents.  She supports the efforts of the Centre in promoting the work of Mr. Price and acepted to join the Board as she, in her words, “in her own small way desires to continue the efforts of promoting Peace and Development in Belize”.


Bryan Mena
Member of the Board

Information to follow soon


Elsie Zamora
Member/Secretary of the Board

Elsie Zamora earned her degree in Communications in Belgium and then moved to Belize where she worked with the Inter-American Development Bank and later as Project Manager at the Belize Agricultural Health Authority.  Elsie joined the Centre from its inception in 2004 and was appointed by the Board to be the Centre’s Curator and Coordinator.  Her passion is to help preserve and continue Mr. Price’s legacy of the peaceful development of Belize.

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