A brief history

George Price at the innauguration of the Centre (September 21, 2002)

The George Price Centre for Peace and Development was established through the collaborative effort of a group of close friends and admirers of the Right Honourable George Price – Belize’s first Premier, Prime Minister and National Hero.  Their vision was for the Centre to not only be a place of history, but also a place where people could meet, study and research; protecting and safeguarding the unity, freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Belize.

While the not-for-profit company was established in 2000, the Centre was officially inaugurated on September 21, 2002 and opened its doors to the public on January 15, 2004 -Mr. Price’s 85th birthday.  Since then, we created a permanent exhibit called “George Price: Man of Purpose and Vision”, we organized a comprehensive Archival Collection, developed a library, started up a Reading Programme as well as a Conflict Resolution programme.  In addition, we organized and hosted numerous information evenings, debates, workshops, training and cultural events.  In 2009, the Centre received full NGO status.

Despite its young history, the Centre has also become  the location of choice for institutions and organizations who wish to organize events in Belmopan.  We counted close to 30,000 visitors to the Centre in 2009, influenced in part by the new exhibit which attracts more visitors then ever before, as well as the frequent visits by UB students to use the computer lab, a new initiative which has also lead to greater involvement of students in our activities.

With the continued blessings of God and the strong support from the country, we are looking forward to a great future for the Centre, for the people of our Belmopan Community and for all Belizeans.

Exhibit: George Price - Man of Purpose and Vision

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