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“George Price is a man of few words.  Language for him is a tool for communication and action, with clarity of thought and economy of words.  What a paradox for a leader in a liberation movement, who, when the occasion required, could inspire a crowd with a vision of change for a better future!  He values his privacy, his time for reflection and meditation.  Yet when the hard decisions had to be made, he would convert “the whispered message” into a “thundering call” to action.

The virtues of George Price portrayed in his speeches are honesty, humility, dedication, insightfulness and patriotism. These qualities, no doubt, explain how he could be the unassailable leader of the PUP from 1956 to 1996 and the democratically elected First Minister, Premier and Prime Minister of Belize over a span of decades.” (Said Musa  – foreword to George Price: Father of the Nation Belize)

Listen here to some of the inspiring speeches and addresses by George Price:

Address by George Price at the opening of the St. John’s School in Queens Square on November 10, 1969 (Part I and II)

George Price – Track 23

George Price – Track 24

All audio segments courtesy of The Belize Archives Department.

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