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In 2007, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development established a reading programme for primary school children, with the help of the J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust of the USA and several spouses of US Embassy personnel.

The goal of the reading programme is three-fold:

  1. To improve the English reading-skills of primary school children, thus assisting in improving their overall performance at school.
  2. To offer a valuable after-school activity for the children.
  3. To inspire an interest in reading as an educational and fun activity.

The programme was initially offered in the summer of 2007, but building on its successful start, the Centre continued to offer the programme throughout the year.  With the kind assistance of the Seniors at the Belize Christian Academy, as much as 30 children come in every Wednesday to improve their reading skills and have fun while doing it!

The Centre also continues its Summer Reading Programmes in July and August; these programmes are lead by an army of volunteers!

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