Join the Friends of the Centre Programme 2015!!!

Change and adaptation, challenges and failures, persistence and triumphs -each of these themes are critical components of Belize’s past and present.  But what does the future hold for Belize?  Whatever the answer, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development is here to stand as a beacon of hope, striving for a caring community free from war, oppression and unfairness.  Your generous support will provide us with a source of income that will safeguard and nurture, creating wonderful opportunities which will positively affect the people of Belize… forever.

You can help by becoming a Friend of the Centre, or by making any monetary contribution at the Centre.  We are currently in the process of setting up a new bank account.  We will announce the details of this account soon and invite you to join us in building peaceful communities in Belize.

Thank you for your support to the Centre and the exciting possibilities it holds!

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